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Our community is licensed by English law to perform marriages between two Jews, as defined by Liberal Judaism. Since 29 March 2014 we are proud to say that this is equally true of two men or two women as it is for one of each. In the Liberal Jewish liturgy and in the Ketubah (the religious marriage contract) we affirm the equal status of men and women, and offer a ketubah with appropriate wording.

To arrange a Chuppah (wedding service) you need to contact us sufficiently in advance to allow time to make the necessary arrangements, to ensure the desired date is acceptable, and for you and the Rabbi to know one another well enough to make the service special.

In addition to the marriage ceremony itself, we offer an Aufruf as an opportunity for the Community to recognise publicly, congratulate, and share in the joy of the forthcoming wedding. An Aufruf refers to the ‘calling up’ of both the bride and bridegroom to the reading of the Torah during the morning service on the Shabbat before the wedding day.

All couples must be members of our congregation at the date of marriage.

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