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B'nei Mitzvot

Like other Progressive communities, SLLS affirms the equal status of boys and girls in religious education and so offers ceremonies as part of a Shabbat Morning Service to mark Bar Mitzvah for boys and Bat Mitzvah for girls usually at the age of 13. At SLLS we believe that becoming Bar/Bat Mitzvah (literally a 'son/daughter of the Law') is only one step in a process. In general, children would be expected to have attended GESHER for at least two years before the ceremony and to continue in their commitment to Judaism through Kabbalat Torah.
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Kabbalat Torah

Recognising that Bar/Bat Mitzvah, although significant for many, does not in today’s society mark a child becoming an adult at age 13, Liberal Judaism has long encouraged young people to continue to study for a further two years in order to develop a more mature and personal understanding of Jewish values.
GESHER, our religion school, offers classes which allow our young adults to explore further what Judaism means to them as young adults in the 21st Century. They are encouraged to think about issues in their lives and in society as a whole through the lens of Jewish tradition and Jewish values.

These studies culminate in a Kabbalat Torah service created jointly by the students and the Rabbi and led by the young people themselves.