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In Liberal Judaism, Jewish status can be transmitted through either a Jewish father or mother. 

Being a parent of a child and deciding to raise him or her as Jewish is a wonderful opportunity to share in the rich heritage, wisdom and beauty of an ancient faith. Mixed-faith families often struggle with the decision of how to raise their children and SLLS is happy to help you talk through issues and possibilities. In addition, we recognise that families today do not all conform to the framework of a father, mother and child. We welcome and support all families including those with same-sex parents or mixed faith or single parents. Please call us to find out more.

Jewish baby boys are traditionally circumcised by a special trained person, a mohel, at eight days old. We can provide a list of registered members of the Association of Liberal and Reform Mohalim and arrange for you to discuss brit milah with our minister.

Jewish girls are welcomed into the community with a baby blessing. This can be found in our prayer book, Siddur Lev Chadash.

We are happy to advise you regarding Hebrew names for your children.

We encourage our members to celebrate the birth of a child with a baby blessing, a short ceremony which is part of the Shabbat morning service. Relatives and friends are welcome to join the community to share in the occasion.

Parents are invited to stand before the open ark and join with the prayers contained in the siddur, committing themselves to bringing up their child in the Jewish faith. Non-Jewish partners are included fully.

If you would like to talk anything through, please contact our minister, Student Rabbi Nathan Godleman.