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In Liberal Judaism, Jewish status can be transmitted through either a Jewish father or mother. 

Being a parent of a child and deciding to raise him or her as Jewish is a wonderful opportunity to share in the rich heritage, wisdom and beauty of an ancient faith. Mixed-faith families often struggle with the decision of how to raise their children and SLLS is happy to help you talk through issues and possibilities. In addition, we recognise that families today do not all conform to the framework of a father, mother and child. We welcome and support all families including those with same-sex parents or mixed faith or single parents. Please call us to find out more.

For a boy the traditional ceremony would be a Brit Milah, normally performed on the eighth day after birth, by a Mohel/et (circumciser) who has been specially trained. The ceremony would of course be postponed in the case of any health concerns. The decision to have your son circumcised is often accompanied by anxiety. For details of registered members of the Association of Liberal and Reform Mohalim, please contact the Synagogue office on 020 8769 4787.

Baby girls are welcomed into the Jewish people and our community with a ceremony written specifically for the occasion. Our Minister will be happy to discuss details and help design a ceremony to meet your needs.

Many parents follow the ancient custom of giving their child a Hebrew name. We can help parents find appropriate Hebrew equivalents for names or to find out the meaning and English equivalents of Yiddish or Hebrew names traditional in their family.

Your new child can be welcomed publicly with a Baby Blessing or Service of Thanksgiving. This ceremony is usually performed as part of a Shabbat morning Service and enables parents to thank God for the safe delivery of their child, together with relatives and friends, and allows members of our community to share this unique occasion welcoming the new child into the community.

In our community, both parents are invited during the service to be on the bimah (the raised platform in the synagogue) regardless of whether or not they are both Jewish. No one else can fulfil the greatly honoured position of being the parent of a child committed to raising it in the Jewish faith.

If you would like to talk anything through, please contact our Student Rabbi Nathan Godleman.