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We are an open and welcoming community; any Jewish person may become a member regardless of gender, sexual orientation or marital status.

At SLLS, we enable the whole family to commit to Jewish values and a Jewish way of life. We do not exclude families containing a non-Jewish partner; the entire family is welcome in our community. We consider the children of such families Jewish if they are brought up as Jews.

We are always delighted to welcome new visitors or potential members to SLLS.  In the first instance, we would recommend that you come along for a Saturday morning service to allow you to meet us and get to know the community.


For information and a membership pack, please contact the synagogue office on 020 8769 4787 or email our membership secretary, louise@southlondon.org.  Young people below the age 26 on 1st September pay £2.50/month and there is a sliding membership fee scale for ages 26 to 30.  Thereafter membership fees vary according to personal circumstances.  

Friends of SLLS

Non-Jewish partners, and others who would like a closer association with the synagogue but are not eligible for membership, are welcome to join as Friends of SLLS and to participate in our community. Friends play an active role in the life of the community, including singing in the Choir and volunteering at events.

Exploring Judasim

Many people wish to explore Judaism. Their reasons are varied: they may be secure in their own faith and simply want to attend a synagogue service or learn more; they may be exploring Jewish roots; they may be considering choosing Judaism. We welcome visitors whatever their faith.

We offer adult education and support to those who want to explore Judaism more deeply. Those who decide to choose Judaism through SLLS are expected to join as Friends in the first instance.