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Liberal Judaism   Liberal Judaism is the dynamic, cutting edge of modern Judaism.
Liberal Judaism reverences Jewish tradition, and seeks to preserve the values of the Judaism of the past while giving them contemporary force.
It aspires to a Judaism that is always an active force for good in the lives of Jewish individuals, families and communities today, and equally makes its contribution to the betterment of society.
Fair Trade   Fair Trade seeks to tackle the exploitation of workers in developing countries by giving consumers the opportunity to buy products that guarantee a better deal to producers.
Citizens UK   Citizens UK, to which SLLS belongs, organises communities to act together for power, social justice and the common and greater good of all and is the home of community organising in the UK.
LJY-Netzer   LJY-Netzer is the youth movement of Liberal Judaism which runs a host of events around the country throughout the year for young people between the ages of 8 and 23 mixing fun, games, community, social action and informal education. LJY-Netzer is a branch of Netzer Olami, the worldwide Progressive Zionist youth organisation, which gives it a link to thousands of other progressive Jewish young people in over a dozen countries around the world.
Liberal Judaism's E-Bulletin   LJ’s e-bulletin is produced weekly, containing Liberal Judaism events from around the UK and thoughts from LJ rabbis and leaders. 
CST   CST is Community Security Trust, a charity that protects British Jews from antisemitism and related threats. CST provides security advice and training for Jewish communal organisations, schools and synagogues.
SLLS is not responsible for content that may appear on the websites linked above