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South London Liberal Synagogue is an open and welcoming community and, as part of Liberal Judaism, it is committed to developing and sustaining Judaism for the future. Any Jewish person may become a member regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation or marital status. At SLLS, we enable individuals and families to commit to Jewish values and a Jewish way of life.

We welcome families containing a non-Jewish partner; we have learned from experience that when we embrace them we enrich our community. We consider the childern of those families to be Jewish if they are raised as such. We welcome individuals who want to learn about Jewish life and religion, including those who are sincerely interested in converting to Judaism. We have a membership category of "Friend of SLLS" for those who are not eligible for full membership.

Our current minister is Student Rabbi Nathan Godleman.
We have a range of activities for all ages including a religion school, known as Gesher, which meets on Saturday mornings. We have plenty of adult education activities, such as regular "Exploring Judaism" classes, Torah breakfasts and Hebrew classes at different levels.

True to the universal ideas of the founders of Liberal Judasim, we see ourselves as part of the wider community and are proud to be a part of a lively multi-cultural area. We have a long history of activity in interfaith and community endeavours. We warmly welcome visitors to our synagogue as part of the Streatham Faith Trail. We are a community with a strong focus on social justice.  As part of this, we are a Living Wage employer, Fair Trade synagogue and an active member of Citizens UK.

South London Liberal Synagogue is a registered charity number 236711